All the fucked up guys I met on tinder, they used the app to get over their heartbreak from ex. It’s really sad and I cannot stress importance of this enough. Because sex is something physical and can be seen, using the girl for sex is blamed on heavily. While using the girl to get over their emotional wound isn’t blamed as much.

A guy who doesn’t take time to get over his breakup and jumps right on to dating app to feel the ‘void’ are definitely LVM. It doesn’t matter he earns much or handsome. Because on back of his mind, he thinks that he can use people’s feelings to benefit for his own needs.

My ex who literally fucked me up was like this and other guys I met on tinder. Always always ask how long ago if they’d broken up. And how long they were together for. For me , a guy who dated his ex for few years and past six months is definite no for me. I don’t want to be burden for any emotional baggage from any men.

Always ask about their ex. If you really like him, at least see him platonically and don’t have the sex until he fully is healed from his breakup. If a guy doesn’t tell me he just broken up, I feel deceived so I immediately put him into friend zone. So I’d meet him for freemeals and drinks. Nothing else. Just like you didn’t tell me your past, I won’t tell you that I won’t be having sex with you while I’ll be reaping he benefits from you.

I used to be naive, clueless girl who thinks she can make the guy fall in love with her. No. A guy who is broken up mostly has hurt ego, and there’s high chance that he’ll return to the girl. Not because he loves her, because he wants to rebuild his lost ego by going back to her. But he’s confused that he wants her back because he loves her when he’s not.

Also if you want the guy to stay with you, hurt him once in a while. Don’t always build his ego up. Guys never forget the girl who hurt their ego.

Also I realized being on tinder was rude awakening for me. I really get to see how fucked up most guys are. Especially beta ones. After I started using tinder, I feel like I changed 180. No naivety in me and only logic and cold heart. It’s sad that even though I life in such a big city, that I find most of guys untrustworthy.