We all know that men are incredibly ageist. Even though older men are less valuable than younger men, men love to try and convince women of the opposite in order to coerce young women to spend their youth and fertility on subpar subfertile men.

Here are some rules of thumb on how to avoid enabling the ageism of men:

  1. Before giving an older man a chance, ask yourself: Would he still pursue me if the age gap was reversed? If not (or you have any doubts about the matter), next him immediately.
  2. Does he lie about his age on social media or dating sites in order to connect with younger women? Next him.
  3. Is his age preferences set to younger women only (or something like 2 years older, 15 years younger)? Next him.
  4. Are all of his ex-girlfriends significantlty younger than him? Next him.
  5. Does he follow a lot of significantly younger women on social media? Next him.
  6. Do not buy any of his crap about wanting a family as excuse for going after younger women. If none of his agemates are fertile anymore, he has left it to long to have a family. Not your problem, next him.
  7. He says he can't relate to women his age because he feels younger? Great, an immature loser in an old man's body. Just what every woman dreams of. Not. Next him.
  8. He says he is more attracted to younger women? Well, women are most attracted to men their own ages, so why should you settle on attractiveness just because he won't? Next him.
  9. He says he has more money and experience than younger men? That may very well be. If you wan't, you can let him take you out to expensive dinners (no drinks), while you seriously date younger and more attractive men on the site.
  10. Remember: No matter our ages, women are the prize! A 60 year old woman still has more SMV than a 20 year old man, so don't feel like you have to settle at any age.