I wrote this in a comment but decided this was too important to not share in a post. Let me explain with a personal anecdote too.

They cheat because they want to knock women down and make her feel insecure because he feels insecure. Don’t ever believe their bullshit of “oh it just happened” or “I have feelings for someone else now,” because they’ll do the same to the next one. I know this is a fact because my scrote ex actually bragged about cheating on me and told me that he wanted to be with someone else after I hurt his fragile little ego by enforcing boundaries, I found out two weeks after that convo that he never met anyone, because I saw him on tinder afterwards. He then texted me after a month to which I simply didn’t respond. I should’ve blocked him in hindsight but I just deleted his number and forgot him. He then came back after a YEAR (he kept my number all that time) and told me he lied about cheating because he felt insecure and “I was too overwhelming for him back then” and that he was sorry and he wanted me back. They don’t just lie about cheating, they lie about NOT cheating so they can bring you down. Him lying about cheating on me is ultimate proof that it’s done purposely to make you question your worth and make you feel crazy. That’s how pathetic scrotes are, stay woke! He’s blocked everywhere now and I did get my karmic revenge because I moved on and he still thinks about me.