I used to feel guilty for breaking up with my ex boyfriend at 18 years old. I was extremely harsh when I did it and never addressed it and I realize now that I could have done it differently with more compassion. We were in different states and I didn't want to do an LDR anymore. We had started off dating in the same city for 1 year while in college. He left to live with his father while pursuing another job. So, 1 month after meeting his grandparents and them telling me "you'll have to be a proper woman" that crap, I called him after class and told him I was unhappy and I didn't love him anymore and did not look forward to him coming back to our hometown and continuing to date him. Cue the waterworks.

He started punching walls in his dad's house and begging me to reconsider. I felt annoyed that he could not just understand I wasn't feeling it. Annoyed that he was arguing with me. So I just hung up on him and when he called back he was still upset. So I just blocked him until he came back a few months later. We went to get ice cream. He brought me chocolate milk for my new place I had just moved into. I told him how great I was doing and missed seeing him, hoping we could be friends. At the end of the visit, he then slut shamed me for seeing another guy while he was in a months long relationship with another woman.

I told him he was out of line and kicked him out. I blocked him and we haven't spoken since. I made the right decision. If I had stayed with him, it would have only been to appease him and I'd have been miserable again. I told him repeatedly how unhappy I was and all he could think abiut was himself and what losing me would do to HIM. Not how long I'd been unhappy or why I'd become unhappy. Just to "not do this to him". So yes I see now that I dodged a bullet.