Found some great Reddit comment examples of how a HVM thinks.

Do you support your girlfriend (NOT wife) someway financially? If so, how and why? What are your thoughts about some such an arrangement in general?"

Here are the replies

" Before we got married, I paid for everything. Cellphones, insurance, car repairs, food, etc. Didn't bother me one bit, I felt is was an investment in our relationship and proving to myself that I could support us financially. This went on for about 2 years before we got married."

" I give my girl Gas Money (the drive is ~45 min so fair is fair) and if she has no cash I'll happily give her $20 so she doesn't have to sweat it till payday."

" I finally managed to convince my gf to split rent proportionally to our income. She is a graduate student and I work in the Tech industry. She was always broke and I have excess cashflow because we still live like students. If we wanted to increase our quality of living, I would have to support her. Proportional splitting rent is helping keep her out of debt. I also sneakily grab the check whenever possible because I love to go out with friends, but grad students can't afford that shit.

She doesn't want to feel like I am paying for her, but the tradeoff to splitting things equally is that I have to live in her financial lane. I want to enjoy my money while I am young so I try to do what I can without her noticing.

I wish she would let me support her financially more. I have the money and I want to spend it to increase our quality of life. I'm getting sick of living in terrible student apartments."


" Partnerships should be based on sharing and pooling resources to benefit both people in a relationship. If someone cannot trust their partner enough to share their resources, why would they choose to share the rest of their lives together."


"A good friend of mine recently told me that he and his gf have a rule that anytime they go out for breakfast, she pays. Otherwise he pays. She made the rule because he always wanted to pay all the time and she wanted to contribute."

"I'm very old-fashioned with this, I'd never accept cash from my SO more so out of principle....however she has bought smokes and stuff for me when my bank had issues."

"I love being able to help support my partner, she doesn't like it too much because she has had ex's that throw it in her face when they have helped financially where as I feel proud to be able to help"

" As a man, I feel that men should take the initiative to learn to look after the people they are with. If I invite you to dinner, I am going to pay it in full. If you invite me, that's the only time I would be okay with you paying. It's a remnant of when men used to be men and were raised to be polite and chivalrous. very cultural, I grew up in a rural area, my family is Hispanic, religious, there tends to be a very rigid set of expectations in courtship, it'd be hard to go outside it with out talking it out.

I mean when my sons get older I hope to give them the advice I got from my dad, don't ever let her pay for anything, I bought my HS prom date's dress even."

"It makes me happy to pay for dates."

"if I'm on a date, I'm out to impress. It's not impressive to have someone else pay for you and most women would look down on it. We insist on paying because that is what most women want and not doing so will leave a sour impression and even open us to ridicule by her and her friends, it may ruin our chances with her or anyone she tells about it."

"Nahh imo he should've sent money. Thats his girl, if sparing 10$ so she doesnt go a minute longer hungry is something he cant do, he doesnt deserve her. This coming from a, my girl wont ever be hesitated on when needing cash."

" On the other hand, if my SO called me asking to borrow some money for food I would send it no questions asked. I mean I want her to be happy! I find it strange that he wouldn’t do the same for you. "

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Notice the stark difference between the mindset of these men, and LVM who think buying you a $8 burrito bowl on a date HE asked you out on means you're a gold-digging, entitled dinner-stealing thot.