I think it's time that we have more female-led, female-centric, or female-only yoga and healing practices and spaces. I started yoga 8 years ago, and Ashtanga was a big staple in the community. I have since learned about so much sexual assault that K. Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga founder) did to women. I am disgusted! If you are not familiar with what happened, read the links here:





This reminds me of just about any other cult out there. It's sad that something like yoga, prayer, mindfulness, healing, and meditation was co-opted by males and used as a weapon to attack women patients or students out in the open. We need our own healing spaces. We need our own meditation lineages. I personally follow Ali Kamenova yoga only now. No more Ashtanga for me. I just don't trust male teachers anymore. I once went to an Ashtanga studio by a certified Ashtanga teacher (from the Pattabhi Jois academy), and he could not keep his hands off me. He didn't even know my name. He didn't know my health history or if I had any injuries. Every single posture he kept touching me. I did not invite his help, nor did I need it! In his sick mind, simply rolling out my mat was consent. I never went back there again. I really hope more women speak up about what is happening and that more women teachers and leaders join the yoga, healing, therapy, and massage disciplines. Healing disciplines are one of the last places where safe, consented, healing touch exists.

Personally I intend to be more aware and support women doctors, healers, etc... only. The risk of trusting males in these environments where we must let down our guards to heal is just not worth it. Meditating on this topic of males in the healing community abusing power, it is surprising me how much this has happened to me, and I thought my experiences were few. They are actually many, as I'm sure your experiences are.