You've probably had non-FDS girl friends who are single like you, and want to be in a relationship, but your strategies are different. How do you handle it when friends try to push you (in a bid to help) to go prowling for men who are rarely high value?

For some reason I keep finding myself in groups of women who want to go prowling for single men and I never know how to deal with it. This isn't to put down my friends. Its just that going to a hotel bar with 3 other women all dolled up isn't a comfortable way for me to be in my element, besides being 'encouraged' to go talk to random men just because they are male and are at a 'classy' establishment.

I do online dating and go to events in my field and have no problem connecting with guys in more chill, intellectual environments. I just think dressing up and going to a bar for the purpose of meeting men, is a lot of emotional and physical effort with little reward. The only thing I know we'd have in common is that we were both at the bar at the same time 🤣. For someone who doesn't even drink much, thats not even a shared hobby we'd have. Then I'd have to deal with an audience of girls winking at me and nudging because I found a target, and thereby communicating to the guy (because he has eyes) that we're desperate.

What's a good way to talk about my FDS approach without passing judgement? Like, why can't we go hunt for guys at the library or bookstore.