Omg so sis, this guy I was talking to, was all decent, I don't give HV tag to people easily so he was basically acting decent, helping me with stuffs and all that. I let him do all the chase and I was sitting back doing my own thing. He made sure to be near me every chance he got, now that I'm saying out loud, it sounds creepy. I never saved his number lol and if he'd text me, I'd never use any flirty emojis or any lovey dovey emojis. Just "💀,🤣" that's my go to. While he was with me, I noticed him texting a contact with a heart emoji and that was my "nope outta here" moment but he kept doing all those "wanna be more than friends" shit.

Guess, he picked up on all these consequent disinterested cues and dropped the bomb subtly that he's going to see his girl in the evening.

My pick-me devil was coming back all that time and whispering in my ears "Girl, go get him" but thank God the FDS angel shut that shit down real quick. Men can and will act decent to get into your pants apparently, what a real surprise 🥱