Hear me out ladies,

Awhile ago I was in a very bad place and I texted one of my exes asking for some financial support. Since I have always dated HVM this was no problem; they are always happy to help even after we break up. Unfortunately he couldn't help but he called up a friend. Said friend was about to drive to my city to get me a hotel room for a week+groceries+misc. items.

When I stopped answering my ex bf, his friend reached out to me and reassured me he didn't want to sleep with me and he wasn't expecting to be paid back. I explained to him that I hadn't been answering because my phone died and although I appreciated it, a family member was unexpectedly able to help me out.

However, I really appreciated his generosity and kindness and we've been texting on and off since. This guy doesn't have a car but he has a job and he's saving up for one. He texted me asking if I'd like to go out on a date, made it clear he would be happy to pay, and apologized for not being able to pick me up. Told me I could pick any restaurant I wanted or I could have him plan it, whichever I preferred.

I said yes. I understand this man isn't financially stable yet, and thus a liability until proven otherwise, but I would at least like to thank him in person before I move on.

Girls, what do you think about this?

I would be lying if I said I'm not a little hopeful that the situation has potential. For instance, if I find out that he's a financially independent, working student, I would probably give him a chance if I liked him enough.