I'm sitting here scrolling through reddit when I remembered something that happened to me at work 10 years ago.

When I waa 17 i worked ar Pizza hut as a server and the "cook" was a 18 year old boy who had a major crush on me. One day he made advances on me and I respectfully rejected him and said I wasn't interested and I also had a boyfriend.

His brother was the district manager and this 36 year old man proceeded to cut my hours by almost half after the fact.

So I quit two weeks later with a note that read "I'm too young for grey hairs this place is misogynistic, and stressful. I quit"

At the time it meant nothing to me but now as a 27 year old grown strong woman I realised how depraved those two were. Happy even at 17 I stood up for myself even if I didnt fully understand the situation.

Just wanted to share, thanks for reading <3