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Have your boyfriends been “straight”? Depends on your definition...

September 24, 2020

I just have to get something I overheard some years ago off my chest.

I was at the gym and was doing my workout with headphones on, but my music off. I just wore the headphones so I could work out in peace .

On the Machines behind me, two guys were talking about a third guy who wasn’t there.

The first guy was saying that he had the third guy “terrorized” because he would show up at his place randomly at all hours and threaten to beat him up unless he submitted and let him fuck his ass. He went on to describe how dude #3 had a large ass and hips, and if you positioned yourself just right it looked like you were having anal with a woman. Guy #2 said “I thought you were straight” and guy #1 replied that he is straight and has a girlfriend!

Guy #1 then goes on to invite guy #2 to come with him that night so they could both fuck guy #3. Hearing this made my head spin! At that moment a friend came over to talk to me and The guys shut up when she approached, so that was all I was able to hear of the conversation.

Do with this information what you will, ladies. Fuckboys will victimize men too, then bring disease back to you without a second thought.

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