I’ve been chatting with this guy for a couple weeks. In that time, he’s done some mild love bombing, brought up how he’s ready for marriage and a family, and talked about what we can do together in the future. Of course, I’ve been completely ambivalent.

This past Friday I fell and broke my leg. He’s aware of what happened, and my leg has come up regularly in conversation, along with him saying how he wishes he could be here to take care of me. I’ve told him numerous times that I was having surgery today. This morning he texted me “Good morning beautiful ☺️“ with no mention of my surgery. I was in pre-op so I didn’t respond. This afternoon, after my surgery, he texted me again. There was no immediate mention of my surgery. I responded a few times to see if he’d say anything. He eventually asked about my leg, but in the same general way he’s asked about it all week. No mention of surgery.

I’ve seen all I needed to see. Thank you, next!