If women can't have male friends because every man wants to fuck them (another FDS value), then which women in my social circle will have heterosexual (and single!) male friends to introduce me to? So now I supposed to eagerly go out with guys who supposedly want to fuck my friends? Or if I am to be a high functioning professional at work, why would I ask my colleagues to introduce me to their heterosexual male friends? So now my dating life can overlap with my professional relationships?

If I'm supposed to be dating more than one man at a time (an FDS value), what are the chances that my friends would set me up with someone who gets added to my rotation? Are you introducing friends to date when you know one of them is "dating around" (not sleeping around)? Isn't that going to negatively impact your relationship with the friend who didn't have multiple dates lined up?

The idea of leveraging my various friends for dates is counterintuitive if I'm applying other FDS values. I remember posting on here about my HVM best friend earlier this year and half the comments said he wants to fuck me or I want to fuck him. And some comments said that women can't be friends with men, and that I'm a place holder, and that my friendship was inappropriate. -->Which of you women would be gladly meet a guy that one of your girlfriend's wanted to set you up with? If she says good things about him, she must clearly want to hop on his dick, right? The fact that this man is friends with your girlfriend means he isn't ready to date other women, right?

Once again, if women can't have genuine friendship with men, then why would I ever want to meet my girlfriend's male friends for a date?

Let's stop with the anti-men mindset. Let's be dynamic in the strategies we use without becoming cult-like.

I am dating. I am sharing dating tips on a forum for female DATING strategy (notice how this forum uses the word FEMALE when we are also told that men who use the word "female" aren't HVM).

I would love to hear from you queens:

  1. Where have you met the last few men you've dated?

  2. Do you ever introduce two people who you think would enjoy dating one another?

  3. When you date someone through a mutual friend and it simmers/flops, is your relationship with the mutual friend ever affected?