I am so tired of f*ckboys and liars and cheaters. I am so tired of OLD profiles filled with shirtless dirty bathroom selfies and dead deer “trophies” and poorly written paragraphs instructing women on how to behave. I am so tired of men who are entitled and lazy and completely full of it.

I cannot get through 10 minutes of online profiles without seeing “men” with nothing but photos — not one word on their profiles. No effort. Or they have long lists of ridiculous expectations for a potential mate despite being VERY clearly LVM. Or they are semi-literate. Or they’re condescending, misogynistic, just looking for sex, or just...gross.

There are good men out there. But damn. They seem to be far and few between. And I’m really at a point where I’m thinking...should I even f@cking bother dating in my 40s? It is so exhausting.