So I even once deluded myself into nearly getting a boob job purely for aesthetics and I had convinced myself guys weren't taking me seriously because of my small boobs.

But you know what?

They are so cute

They are better for sports

I don't risk my health and spend money with cosmetic surgery (no shame if you have)

Guys will NEVER like me just for my boobs or nod and smile because they just want the boobs

I read somewhere that younger men like big boobs

(I'm 25) and it's because they used to nurse as babies.

Well fuck that, I'm never going to cut myself open, spend thousands and risk infection and pain and possibly loss of mobility just to have tits for a man. Mine are fine, they are squeezable and cute. My chest won't wrinkle.

I think we all need to appreciate our small boobs.

The right guy will either learn to love them or he won't care because you are more than a flesh sack for his pleasure. He will respect you and love you either way. He's just glad to be with someone with a vagina.

And if any man makes you feel badly about your small boobs, negs you or asks if you would ever consider a boob job/wear a bra, walk out and never speak again, block and delete.

Your small boobs are beautiful, natural and they are part of you. You can more easily go jogging or do push-ups. Don't ever worry about that. Don't ever cut yourself open for men's pleasure.

Would you rather be rejected for small boobs or for fake boobs (because men are judgemental no matter who you are).

And if you already had breast augmentation there is no judgement, if there were no risks I might consider it for my own self, no hate to you I'm talking about the girls reading this who have been made to feel badly or less than.

You are still a woman and he's still lucky to be on a date with you or heaven forbid sleeping together