So my friends that I recently distanced myself with would frequent bars on the weekends, and implied that I’m not going to meet someone if I don’t socialize on the weekends as well. I started having doubts about my choices, so last night I got cutened up and went to a nice area that has some cool, trendy bars. I went alone rather than going with friends bc I wanted to be free to leave when I felt like it. Well I get there and of course yuck. Not an attractive/well cared for man in sight. All of the guys looked gross and the men that are checking me out include those sitting with your girlfriends/significant others. I enjoyed a nice meal and a nice drink… but everyone around me was pretty tipsy, gossiping, talking nonsense etc. I realized that it was very very very unlikely for an HVM to be in a place like this during his free time. Sure they might go out on occasion but the chances of catching them in such a place is as slim as catching me in such a place. I also realized spending my free time doing something I don’t enjoy or find meaning in just in the hopes of “meeting someone” is quite stupid. It made me have no regrets about how I have spent the last several months…because I have been spending the last couple of months growing myself, developing my interests, giving back, learning, and getting in the best shape of my life amongst other value added things. So I state all this to conclude that I will not feel bad about sitting at home in weekend nights rather than out “socializing.”