I’ve gotten much smarter with dating and for that I’m grateful. I’m extremely independent, hardworking, and happy - even (and maybe especially) while single. So I want someone who can match my energy and be a supplement to my life. Not a burden. Lately I’ve noticed that the guys I’ve gone on dates with are kind of.... wusses. I know that’s a juvenile word to use. But a common thing with them I’ve noticed is that they all seem to have low self esteem and talk down about themselves during the dates. This is very annoying to me because I start to actually notice the things they say after they say it and as they keep pointing out their own flaws, I eventually become completely unattracted to them and then become uninterested. I am confident and have my shit together so one or two guys have told me I’m a little intimidating. But I don’t really think I am. I think a guy who could match my ambitions wouldn’t be intimidated at all. So just curious about if anyone else has faced this issue? Dating has been so disappointing for me but a learning experience. I always keep myself busy though and have great girl friends so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much in that aspect.