I’ll try to keep this short as possible. Just a background: my boyfriend and I just started dating recently and we hit it off. Two months in and he asked me to be his gf and I obviously said yes.

The thing is, my self-esteem has never been the best and I’ve been working on it and I’m seeing progress to be honest. Recently, his ex finally had a face. He showed me her instagram account cause I caught him watching her stories; she’s really pretty by the way. Totally the opposite of me. Then just now I found out he lied to me about having no “ideals” because I apparently don’t match them in any way other than the intelligence level. Lately, I feel like my self-esteem has been hitting the lowest of lows every time I’m with him. I don’t know if I should keep dating him. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this guy and he always reassures me and makes me feel amazing in his own ways. It’s really just an internal thing. I keep comparing myself to other girls that he will end up liking more cause they match his “ideals”