The way my current relationship started is going to make everyone here cringe. I saw this man at work and thought I wanted him inside me, so I texted him asking him to a bar and we did it that night. To be fair I wasn't looking for a real relationship, but over the course of a few months we became very close and fell in love. Things are very serious now, we live together and are exclusive.

I acted like a total pickmeisha to get him to this level (he asked me to move in at least, not vice versa), but maybe a slightly "noble" pickmeisha? I learned how to cook so I could show him that I was wife material, but I also feel like more of a well rounded adult now that I can cook things that don't come in a box with directions. I quit my occasional drug use and stopped drinking to show him that I was responsible and cared about my health. Most of the things I did improved my life in the process and made me a more HVW.

Luckily, I already had the avoiding LVM part of FDS down before discovering it. My boyfriend isn't perfect but I would say he is fairly high value. He is generous, sensitive, hardworking, loyal, and very attractive. Only complaint is that he doesn't do much housework, but we do have an agreement that I will be doing more than half until my new job starts and we will do 50/50 from then on out.

However, I still feel uneasy knowing that I used such bad tactics to get to this point and may have set a bad precedent. Can anyone share their experiences finding FDS post-dating and the best way to apply it to a pre-existing good relationship?