It's time again for our Saturday Strategy Spotlight. Every Saturday we highlight great strategy posts that didn't get a lot of interaction on the sub. I hope you enjoy this week's picks! Remember to label your posts with the strategy tag if you would like to be in the Strategy Spotlight.

Thanks to u/protoetype for her post on how to find and date tidy men.

The secret to dating men who are clean and tidy

We have a another great post from u/saynad in her Why not to go 50/50 series. Make sure to check out parts 1 thru 3 as well. We are looking forward to her upcoming 5th part.

Why you should never go 50/50 on a date, Part 4

Thanks to u/sozwrongrobi for her post on figuring out your inner romantic narrative to spot your romantic weaknesses and overcome them.

Please take time to figure out what your romantic narrative is

Thank you u/warinmymind94 for her post about treating yourself well as a strategy for raising your standards of how a man should treat you.

Treat yourself well & Treat Yourself ... you will be less likely to fall for LVMs

Thank you to u/samedinuitmort for her post on journaling your relationship. We've all heard about writing down things that are red flags or yellow flags or anything that concerns you in the early stage of dating so that you can objectively look back at it and make a decision if you want to keep dating this person. In this post she puts forward the idea of journaling your entire relationship; the good, the bad and the questionable to keep you objective.

Staying objective by journaling your relationship

That is our Strategy Spotlight for the week! Don't forget to add your suggestions in the comments! Self promotion is encouraged!