One of the bonus episodes in the podcast they are discussing this article: the episode is hilarious & one of the best quotes in it, was Reaux whispering ""He will probably put his dirty socks on top of it"🤣😂👌 when this pickme is talking about leaving feminist literature out for her scrote boyfriend to read. I honestly can't get enough of the podcasts, so I signed up for patreon to get more content, I look forward to the episodes every week and I truly feel like I can't be the only one.

Honestly, I am also SHOCKED at how beautiful the woman writing the article is & how buttugly her scrote is. He does not love her and it is so shocking to see how low women stoop. She can do so much better & is obviously in emotional distress over her scrote. Time to dump his ass.

Women need FDS in their lives and to grow out of this pickme mindset, it is so harmful for them.

I am going to listen to the Billie Eilish episode next. Anyone else loving these episodes as much as I do?

( the patreon is here, in case anyone wonders)