Same ol', same ol'... LVM, on 'parental' leave with new born twins, spending his time on playing with his car and games and needing to go to the toilet exactly when they need to be fed!

Of course plenty of the usual 'Have you tried talking to him?' or ETA (Everyone is the A**whole) in this situation because the poor wife/mother had to resort to turning the wifi off to get him out of his throne! She needs to 'understand his anxiety being a first time parent', 'hold his hand through this', 'let him have his hobbies, free time and go out etc. etc. etc. tale! As if the mother has it better and is not recovering from twin birth and breastfeeding on top of it!

FDS all the way everyday so we don't end up like this! Weed them out ladies! Do not be their mommies, do not hold their hands as they poop, do not buy their pathetic excuses and do not, for any reason, allow them to abscond their responsibilities!

Set your boundaries, stick to your guns and take no BS from any manchild!