This one might be controversial but a surprising number of men use this pathetic attempt of an excuse, and it really shows how immoral they are as a whole.

As we say literally every day, the patriarchy has convinced women that their sole value lies in their sex appeal. With the rise of porn and social media, women are constantly being judged on their appearance and are compared to other women. Consequently (obviously), this fosters insecurity in women, as they desire to add value, and men have convinced them that they need to look good and perform for them in order to do so. As such, we see pickme-ism, in which women seek validation via hyper-sexualizing themselves, one-night stands, and just being all-around "easy". To add fuel to the fire, men are now convincing women that this type of behavior is "empowering". They are feeding women an excuse to mask their validation-seeking behavior with "empowerment".

Men lovebomb "easy" women by telling them how "empowered" they are and giving them compliments about how sexy they are, and then degrade them behind their backs. They see the insecurity, give them the validation they seek in order to get in their pants, and then go running off to their friends to talk shit. Men know that if they told them the truth, less women would be sluts for them. So, instead, they keep their mouths shut and save the slut-shaming for when they're with their "bros".

So, to summarize the last two paragraphs, what we see is: men value women based on their appearance -> men gaslight women and make them question their value -> women seek validation by turning themselves into sex objects -> men benefit from this and get laid -> to keep the flame burning, they lie to women that this is "empowering" -> women believe the lie and get the validation they want -> behind the scenes, men admit that this is actually bad for women, as evidenced by the degrading things they say about women behind their backs.

Men know very well what they are doing. However, whenever I ask them why they sleep with easy girls that they end up talking shit about, they try and play innocent and deflect the blame by saying "What do you want me to do, say no?" Is that supposed to be a trick question? YES, I DO WANT YOU TO SAY NO. They see the insecurity, they see the naivety, and they see the vulnerability in these women and they take advantage of it. It reminds me of those prank videos on Youtube where a blind man thinks he's handing someone a $10 bill when it's really a $100 bill. People with no morals are the type to take it and keep their mouths shut, and this is exactly what men do when a young, vulnerable 18-year-old with low self-esteem is sexualizing herself on Tinder.

These men will blame women when they get taken advantage of. They say "It's her fault for being stupid and not seeing that I was just using her" and "It's her fault for being an attention-seeker", as if they play ZERO role in making women insecure and seeking validation in the first place.

If men placed more value on intelligence or personality, maybe we would see more women writing books or making educational content as a form of validation. But sadly this is not the case, in fact, in many ways it is the opposite since its not uncommon for tradcons to shame women for pursuing careers and educating themselves.

As also discussed before on this sub, we applaud the 1% of guys who actually turn down these naive girls, when in reality they are doing the bare minimum.

What a sad world we live in.