I am a young lady, in college, straight A’s about to graduate, going to law school basically what Im saying is I have my shit together or at least Im trying and Im doing okay. With everything I have going on, i am also very confident and sometimes finding a guy who thinks he can handle me is very hard. Im 21 and Based on how younger guys act immature and dumb I tend to date only older guys. Now, im seeing this 28 year old, he is supposed to be mature and grown but tonight I found out he might be a dumbass like all of them. We ve been talking for 3 months but I still didn’t feel like I was ready for anything. And he kept making crazy promises, tonight I went out with my girls to a club close to his house that he suggested, we get there and 10 minutes later he walks in. Im chill and cool and ready to say hi. When he walks up to a bar and starts rubbing and holding an older lady. I turn my head cos Im not a confrontational person. We make eye contact and im super mad but not showing instead im ignoring. Next thing I see is he is giving his number to another girl. Im kinda confused, two days ago he said he wanted commitment from me asap and I said I needed time and he said he was willing go wait now I see him in the club right in front of my eyes. I feel as though there is an explanation, but at the same time I feel as tho it makes sense. For the past three months his best friend has been trying to get with me as well, which was quite confusing. I never told him about it, bcos my mind told me that he knew. I feel like i have been played and now I just want help knowing what to do next, do I ignore his texts and move on and maybe give him a little piece of my mind or do I date his friend or do I just remove this toxic chapter out of my 2020 book?!