I was dating a guy for a few months, he turned out to be a total jerk but during our “relationship” I had given him my email address. It turns out gmail DOES NOT have a block option, all blocking does is send the email to SPAM. You’ll still be forced to see his name pop up and then have to delete it if you ever check your spam box. (Never ever ever read it! It’ll suck you back in!)

My story: I went months without hearing from him, blocked his number, blocked his email (so I thought) and a few days after my birthday I had an email in my spam box from this loser. I made the mistake of reading it, of course. I entertained the idea of getting together with him until this sub knocked some sense into me. Now this guy knows anytime he wants to reach me, he can via email so I have to completely delete my email address to get rid of him. It’s a real pain in the ass just to get rid of a LVM so if you use gmail, I highly suggest you don’t give it out.