I just had to share a story with you Queens about how I shocked myself the other day with my own actions. So I've rejoined the shit show that is OLD and had a match. He seemed great. No sleazy hook up talk. Worked in the mines. Mid 30s. All seemed great. We where talking about meeting up for dinner. I picked the resteraunt which was a gorgeous Mediterranean place in the city and all I asked was that he ring and make reservations for us. (I couldn't do all the leg work here so I left it up to him)

Well... I get a text on Thursday about how he has some bad news. My initial thought was he was ghosting but turns out he didnt make the reservations and the place was completely booked out by the time he remembered to call. Now look, I know what you're already thinking but I thought ok, no worries we can try at a different place. Since he was the one that screwed up I placed the dinner idea in his hands and said "do you have any ideas?"

This is where I said nup... old mate wanted to go to a shopping center food court and walk around until we "found something" 🙄 Now, old pick me would have said ok. New me? No way in hell. I couldn't believe the absolute low effort of this guy!! I mean, I practically handed the guy a fucking first date manual and he still didnt get it...

I went shopping and bought myself a gorgeous pair of Novo shoes as well and there was no way I was going to "walk around like a dog" in 6 inch heels all night getting sore feet because a guy couldn't do 1 fucking job and book a reservation 🙄

Guys... its NOT THAT HARD!!