I live in a large city and we do have homeless folks and others who aren’t homeless, but panhandle. I do feel for them but am reluctant to give because 1. I’m afraid I’m just feeding their addiction and 2. I got mugged earlier this year (by a man, of course) so I’m wary to get my wallet out. I will give another woman a couple dollars sometimes though. So I’m walking the dog one day and this guy hanging out by a restaurant calls out, “beautiful lady!” I think he’s just catcalling but then he asked for $ “to get something to eat”. I honestly answered that I didn’t have anything on me, was just taking the dog out. This guy was young, I’d say 8-10 years younger than me and didn’t have a single bag or item with him so I don’t think he was homeless. But he proceeds to then FOLLOW ME DOWN THE BLOCK harassing me for my phone number. Like dude, I said no to giving you a dollar, why would I give out my number? Where are you gonna take me on this date? The freeway underpass? I just kept walking and didn’t reply. But it takes a lot of misplaced confidence I think to hit on women when you are literally an able bodied man out begging! Sorry if I sound mean. He may have an invisible disability or mental health problem of course. But I don’t like getting catcalled and harassed by anyone!