BACKSTORY-post from a shit hole of a male sub that shall NOT be named about a man who met a woman in his early 20's of the same age who he "rescued" from a uber religious family, admired "running game experiments on" and whom has now had the good sense to know she deserves better and left his manipulative ass for a better man. Him and the losers in the comments biggest issue is NOT losing a loving wife but the fact that this woman has maxed out on her looks game and is in the best shape of her life so they all KNOW that it is her who has the power and choice of any man she wants at her feet and that he will never be able to do. better. Below link to screenshots of the tactics men shared to "trap"women into staying with them and guess what was number one? KNOCK HER UP!!!

Ladies, FDS is my virtual sisterhood that keeps me sane, makes me immensely proud and gives me hope! I am in my mid 30's and come from a culture where women are bullied into motherhood and wifely slavery from a young age and as I bucked the trend and am leaning more and more towards remaining childfree ( and probably husband free TBH) by choice I feel DUTY BOUND to let some of you more naive, young or fence sitting women who still believe in Disney that men are not DUMB and a LOT OF THEM will try and trap women ESPECIALLY those out of their league or whose they know are assets to them INTO MOTHERHOOD!!!! EVEN if married PLEASE do not rush into motherhood or take men's please for kids at face value. THEY KNOW that most of the burden will fall on you and don't tend to give a damn about how this will disadvantage you for life if the marriage /relationship dissolves.