Something I’ve been thinking about today is that everyone’s definition of value is different and this is why a mans definition of your value or worth does not mean that is your actual value or worth.

There is Outback and then there are actual high class steak houses. There is Red Lobster and then there are legitimate and high grade seafood restaurants.

People frequent both.

Some people consider saving a few dollars (or time or investment) as more valuable than actual quality. And some people literally do not know the difference. And some don’t care.

Some people drive shitty cars or live in shitty places and eat shitty food and have no issues with it.

Some people would rather eat a quick fix McDonald’s meal over something more nutrient dense.

Some people cannot and will not ever be able to see or understand quality.

And that’s on them.

It has nothing to do with you.

Level up, be your best, and don’t worry about someone else’s view of your worthiness