Hi! I am new and this is my first post! I wanted to know your opinion on my situation. I am a young woman (21 years old) and I am passionate about many things to the point where I have something to do almost every day of the week. The only time I could use for dating is the weekends.

Now my question is: FDS rules say a man should find time for you, make you a priority from the beggining.

Do you think it's fair for me to expect a man to find all that time for me when I don't feel like giving up time I spend on hobbies? Or should I not even care about it? What if the guy is also very passionate about his own things, isn't it healthy?

I struggle to understand the balance sometimes with this advice. I feel like it would be so much more helpful if posts weren't just about what not to do, but rather showing healthy examples of behavior.