I have mentioned a few times across the FDS sub I went on a date after a break up the Friday before this last. The conversation was so nice (at least to me). He was polite. He asked me a lot of questions and we had a lot in common. He was funny and had a similar sense of humor to mine. He didn’t objectify me or comment on my appearance except to mention off hand me being an attractive woman. (He planned and paid for the date just to be clear lol).

After we’re done, he asks if I want to go on a walk which I say yes to because I was enjoying myself. At this point he starts getting weird and quiet. Touching me more (holding my arm to move me around a puddle stuff like that, trying to put his hand on my waist) and staring at me silently. I felt annoyed because I wanted to keep our conversation going but he didn’t seem to care anymore, I’d try to start up conversation again and he would let it fall or get awkward. Anyways I told him nothing was going to happen and then he was ready to go home within 15 minutes lol. He text like twice more (after “hoping” - not even “let me know if” - I got home ok that night and then silence for two days) then ghosted. I have since blocked him and deleted his number.

I was disappointed but I realize a nice, flowing conversation where I’m treated with interest and respect should be the absolute bare minimum and not necessarily promising for a second date or a continued relationship. With this revelation in mind I feel I will experience a lot less disappointment and be able to cut men off more quickly without the guilt of “oh but he seemed like such a nice guy”. I will consider a good conversation like I do good hygiene and cleanliness. It’s the bare minimum.

Just wanted to share because this feels like a mindset shift for me as I shed more and more of my pickmeism thanks to FDS!