Him (H)

Me (M)

M: Hello

H: Hey there, is there a better way to communicate? Snap? Or Kik?

M: Hey there;) We can message here actually.

H: OK, what brings you here?

H: I would be curious in seeing more pics. :P

M: That’s what brings me here.

H: Awesome, I like your style:)

M: Thank you:)

H: Last time I got checked I was clean, and haven’t had sex since, so I think it’s a go :P

H: I think we could have some fun

M: Oh I want to take it slow with a fella.

M: Anyone can have just have some ‘fun’

H: I totally agree

M: But thanks!

H: I am down to take it slow.

M: So what are you genuinely wanting on here?

H: To find a kinky gal for myself, I am into monogamy and not into having a new sex parter every other day. I truly am looking for something serious, but love to have fun with the right person.

M: define fun? How often do you obtain a new partner?

H: Fun in both kinky and bin kinky ways. I have been single for a year no partners.

M: Bin, hmm no partners huh?

H: No I don’t hookup like that.

M: Lol so in kinky and in kinky ways? How do you hookup?

H: Oh sorry *non kinky. I don’t hookup. I would like something more organic.

M: So how do you hookup? Obviously it’s organic.

H: Get to know someone. If we click then I play it by ear, could be first day, could be longer, just see how we vibe.

M: Lol first day to do?

H: Hookup but with the intention of it being long lasting.

H: Yes! That’s ideal.

M: That’s not what you just said. Which means you’re lying and or sending mixed messages.

M: I know you want a hookup. That’s obvious.

H: I am saying that anything could happen you have to feel it out.

H: I am not one to rush into being serious but That’s ideally the motive.

M: Right you mentioned you wanted to be serious and you wanted ‘fun’.

M: So what I am saying is keep it not vague. So define what is “anything could happen”? If you know what my explicit boundaries are?

H: Anything could happen meaning I am not opposed to sex on the first date if it feels right, but wouldn’t want it to be a one night thing. I would want to keep exploring and get to know one another.

M: Ya I don’t want to have sex right away, I want to be friends, then date, and be exclusive with a fella first ( my profile said this too). And you want sex, which is fine, I understand.

H: I don’t either, but if it happens then it is what it is, but ideally I am going along the lines of what you are saying so yeah.

H: :)

H: Cant put too much thought to it

M: I am clarifying your mixed messages and helping you communicate them clearly since you’re not understanding my boundaries.

M: I can actually you don’t have to tell me.

H: Well you have to admit, messaging isn’t the best for communication. But ya sorry if you got a mixed message vibe.

H: I am more old-fashioned, not a fan of texting at all.

M: It’s a start though. I am old-fashioned. You’re just wanting sex.

H: I never said that.

M: Right out of the gates you wanted ‘fun’ kinky and non kinky. I wish you well though. I am not the woman for you.

H: just because I said fun doesn’t mean it has to be sex related. Eventually yeah, but that’s all in time.

H: Yeah good luck to you maybe you should try match.com. Lol.

M: Maybe you should be a high value man.

Then I blocked him. Your thoughts?