To start off, I am not at all accustomed to having really attractive guys being into me. For background, I’ve only been in a relationship once before (and it lasted 2 years) but as I look back I realize he wasn’t considered as “conventionally attractive.” Not that it mattered though, I loved him.

Now, all of the sudden this guy who is popular and attractive likes me and I’m stumped. This has happened once before with another “highly desired” guy. What usually happens is; I find out we like each other, we date, and then I eventually fuck up because (I think) I show too much interest.

I found out he likes me about 1 month ago, and we’ve been talking every day over text, I’m a little nervous to speak to him in person but that doesn’t really stop me, I just never initiate like I want to. From what I heard from one of our mutual friends; he’s nervous to make the first move and is waiting on me, but after my experience in the past I’m afraid it will drive him away like the last guy.

How do I prevent this? Or in other words, how do I pursue a conventionally attractive man that is desired by tons of women? Oh, and for the record, yes, I do like this guy for more than just his looks, I really find his bubbly personality charming and he’s extremely fun to talk to. I just don’t want to be “another girl” he used to talk to.

TL;DR A highly desired guy likes me and I don’t want to drive him away, how do I pursue them?