Hi everyone! I’ve (21) been a lurker here for a bit and have tried to use some of the strategies posted. I have a past of hooking up with guys and never having anything serious from that. I realized I do want a relationship. Around a month ago I met a guy who I matched with on OLD and we bumped into each other during a night out and talked. We went on a coffee date and then went another date where we got drinks. He seems really nice and respectful but some things I didn’t like was how he made us walk to the bar (we are college students and live kinda close to the place but it’s winter where I am) and he seemed a bit reluctant to pay for the second round of drinks so I paid for that one. He paid for an uber to take me back to my place. We’ve been in constant communication while school was still going on but now that we are on break he barely messaged me. The most was him replying to something I posted on my insta story from my travels since I’ve been doing a lot of that since early December and he just commented recently. We have a few messages back and forth but he never responded or even looked at my last one. I’m not sure if I’m asking for too much but I would have liked him to reach out and message me for the holidays which he did not. I could use some feedback since I don’t want to go back to my old ways of being a pick me.

Update: The semester has already started and he never reached out to me :)))