This might be an issue for many single women around my age? I want a baby and to start a family but nobody to start it with and feel like I’m at the end of my window.

I’m coming newly from a failed long term 14 year marriage with a LVM and am 35 this year. I know it will take me at least a couple of years to find a HVM making me 37. Sure there are some people who have had no problems conceiving later in life but I do have some medical issues that could potentially be healed but that will also take a couple of years, still making me around 37.

Part of me wants to wait, knowing that most men and especially the ones that will be available in my age bracket might not have kids or not want a woman with kids (is this true??). Ideally I want a man without kids too. But part of me also wants to say fuck it, get my shit together and try for a biological sperm donor baby while single and not wait for a man to start a family. But I know that most men would probably not want to date a pregnant woman haha, so I’d have to wait until after having the baby to date. How much of the dating market will I realistically lose if I have a child and am a single mom at 35?

Should I wait a few years at 35 years old to find a HVM or am I taking a chance? Has anybody else been in this position before? And do I have any other options? I was thinking of freezing my eggs but I cannot afford it at the moment and I know age makes a difference with that as well.