Why does media/society sell the idea that women love single dads? Movies like The Princess Switch etc, men who are encouraged/given tips to upload pics with babies and young children in their dating profile...

Even before I found FDS, I didn’t swallow this lie and never found single dads attractive. Pickmes and LVMs have and encourage such low standards that they need the proximity of an innocent child to trick women into thinking that single dads are more caring and nurturing. Also women are EXPECTED to be natural mothers, and men are EXPECTED to be absent, so the sheer craziness that a man has a child who he is sometimes seen with means that pickmes wrongly automatically think he’s HV.

In reality, single dads have a tonne of baggage, treated their ex like crap, usually have no idea how to look after the kid, and are looking to find the next mommy bangmaid to do the hard work as soon as possible. All these stories of the heroic single father tirelessly working for a better life is a hollywood fairytale. Plus you’ll have to deal with the ex-partner.

I’d sooner die than be disrespected by some kid who thinks I’m trying to replace his mother, and to be treated as an replacement slave to some useless baggage filled man.