Okay ladies. So like a year ago, I met this guy who had been trying to take me out. We went out on what I’ll call a group “date,” after which I wasn’t interested and told him I didn’t want to go on a second date. Anyway, he pursued me on and off for a year. A year later, i finally said why not. I was in a very different place at the time of the first date.

Anyway we went on two dates and I really enjoyed the first one, second one was whatever. He had exhibited some behavior in between that I thought was a little immature, not toward me, but in discussing other things. Anyway I told him I just wanted to be friends but we work out together so I see him. We’ve never kissed or done anything during the dates we went on.

So I’m the past time since that happened, he’s grown on me and I let him know I’m open to see where things go, to which he agreed. I want to continue to build a friendship first. The only thing is... I began paying for my own things during the friendship phase to make sure the boundary was clear. If he actually wants to court me now, not just with paying but in general, planning dates, etc. Then he needs to do so. How do I make the switch back clear?