Many women are expected to grin and bear, smile sweetly, and laugh at things that are seen as contradictory to our interests. Or sometimes, in conversation, it seems as though, males, and even some females, do not see the importance or depth of what you have to offer.

Do not be afraid of coming off a bit stand offish, a bit bold to conserve your energy and peace. There will be topics and conversation points that are practically set up to exploit us and we must learn to recognize them: by knowing ourselves, taking that seriously, and knowing those around us.

Always be aware of your interests, your likes and dislikes and boundaries. Never tolerate a crossed boundary, so long as you act on it at the right time. Know what you are willing to discuss and what doesn’t fly. See yourself in a realistic way to ultimately put your best self forward.

Honestly, while not compromising your integral sweetness or humility, learn to conceal and share those things with those already trusted, and don’t be afraid of putting on a straight face, not being an emotional scapegoat, not laughing at dumb jokes, I don’t think it’s funny. lol

Seriously, next time someone’s acting like too much of an ass for your mood at the time or just blatantly not taking you seriously, just look at them dead in the eye, kinda like they just farted out loud with no regard, and say nothing. They will 99% of the time listen to themselves blow out of steam and hear how stupid they sound and probably look. It’s basic psychology. Also, learn how to just walk the fuck away in mid sentence. Learn to read others so well, you can diffuse a interaction as soon as it starts. Why waste time?

Basically, be a bit of a bitch when necessary and learn not to question it so much. Don’t be over the top, but don’t live your life stifled or scripted. Be you. Keep your beauty and love. Just reserve it. Take the space you need. You’re doing something big with it.