I went out with a guy who i was really attracted to, but there were 3 things he did that were strikingly similar to my ex husband that seriously freaked me out.

  1. He talked mainly about himself, a lot, and casually talked about all these horrific past traumas that he went through right off the bat. My ex did this, and, later in our marriage, used them to justify his aggressive behavior. The kicker was that I found out most of them were made up 😭

  2. He talked about how he has anger issues and seemed to take pride in handling things aggressively. I asked what happened to the dashboard of his car and he proudly said he punched it out of anger. And kept mentioning his anger issues. That's the exact thing I want to stay away from 😒

  3. This one was small but I didn't have my phone around me cause I didn't want to be rude. So I would ask him what time it was occasionally and he would whip his phone out to check the time, so i would also look at the time on his phone. Every time he turned his phone all the way to the side so I couldn't see it? I'm like I barely know you I don't give a shit whats on your phone, but my ex husband did that all throughout our marriage lmao.

Needless to say I was freaked out by the similarities and will not be seeing the dude again. But thank God I had the experience of my ex under my belt or I would have overlooked all of these lol.