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Thank you FDS for giving me the strength.

January 7, 2021

I found this sub last year, while I was already suffering and frustrated with my relationship. I was just aceepting how he was treating me because I was weak. I was too scared to break up with him.

Whenever I was thinking about it, it gave me anxiety. I played this breakup over and over again in my head. I've cried over it. Today I had the courage to do it.

He treated me well at the beginning of the relationship but after the "honeymoon" passed, he changed. He started losing his interest in me and felt less and less valued. I stayed months thinking of what did I do wrong....

Even now I don't understand why it was this change. But one thing is for sure, if I'm not happy, I shouldn't stay. Thank you FDS for opening my eyes and for giving me the strength to do it.

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It wasn’t a change: this is who he really is; this is his true character. It emerged once he felt he didn’t have to compromise, accommodate your needs, and work to make you happy.

Breaking up is rough. I found it helped to make a list of all the awful things my ex had done and to read it any time I felt nostalgic for the few good times we had.

These men always get worse. Head over to breaking mom and see your future if you had stayed!

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