Energetic poverty? I don’t know her...

A dating strategy that has secured my relationship boundaries and saved so much time (works for all relationship types from friends to family to work btw) :

“Can I emotionally or energetically afford to engage with this person?”

“Have they earned/afforded my time or energy? Or more of my time/energy?”

“Can I afford to spend my time or energy doing this activity? With them?”

Your gut answers this immediately and without fail! So is it fatigue or enthusiasm? And then attempt to KNOW WHY (for either answer) so you can communicate effectively and safely.

Sometimes you have to consider what your ~exchange rate~ has looked like in the past and if you’ve assigned it ANY value in the first place. If you’re worth it, shamelessly proclaim your worth. Respect everything about you, what you know you can offer, and don’t punish yourself if you still feel the instinct to accommodate the undeserving. Practice makes perfect.

Don’t hesitate to tell yourself you love you today!