I want you to read this: (It's more in depth and goes into more detail than my post)


If you find yourself chasing after those types of men, you may be subconsciously re-enacting and attempting to fix your relationship with the parent/caretaker/guardian whom who you felt you had to "chase after." You must be consciously aware of this to break out of that pattern (which is something FDS is very good at doing) and stop repeating it or you continue to suffer more. It took a somewhat traumatic experience for me to finally awaken so I hope this helps someone out.

Don't chase. Don't wonder why a certain guy won't approach or chase after you...don't question if you're good enough. You're attracted to that for a reason. You DO NOT need their validation ,their attention, their "love", etc. This is a toxic pattern but you have complete and total control overcoming it! Recognize it and put an end to it.

It was your past. Heal yourself. Become aware.

(And also fuck RP/theredpill for once again, trying to exploit women that have been harmed in the past)