Disclaimer- This should be done once you're committed and trust him enough to be alone with him. Don't be alone with him too soon.

Watching a man in his car is a great way to vet him. Driving can be a stressful environment and the way he reacts to certain things can tell you a lot about him as he will be working totally on his muscle memory and it's very unlikely that he will change his behavior.

Some red flags to look out for-

  • You feel unsafe in his car🚩

  • Watch out for road rage🚩

So many men fight for no reason when they're on the road. Make sure that he de-escalates situations.

  • Yelling when stuff in traffic🚩

  • Making comments about female drivers🚩

Eg: Women shouldn't be driving

  • Driving too fast🚩

  • Not following driving rules and regulations in your state🚩

  • Dirty car🚩

  • If he makes a mistake on the road, he apologizes🚩

  • Sees another man driving and tries to race him for an ego boost🚩

  • Easily gets distracted/ blames you for distracting him🚩

Feel free to add some of your own strategies and things to look out for while driving.