So we've have a wonderful relationship, married etc. But lately (Last few months) his entire life is work.

And I mean entire life, when he's home he's studying stuff related to work, when it's the weekend he'll do the stuff around the house he ignored during the week then go back to working. I try and be supportive everywhere I can. But this just leaves me to do stuff on my own, which is pretty irritating.

When I tried to drag him out, he's just not really present. (Texting other coworkers, reading journals at dinner)

Context: This is a huge project, he's a Staff researcher at a National Lab here in the US for Cyber Security. I don't begrudge him this, but its... kind of isolating. His PhD wasn't this hard on me. What's worse is that he can't talk about it with me at all, he keeps saying that he can't share anything, so I don't even know if this is going well or they're doing badly.

Edit: I have a job, I'm a Materials Researcher, this is regarding my hours outside of work.