Hi. I want to vent about the standards of females that they have for males. Which is... 0. And it pisses me off. Is it really what it takes not to beat a female?

My best friend has a LVM bf for almost 10 years. She is 25 and he is 28. They never lived together because they did LDR and she studied for a long time to get her masters degree. Now, he's 28. He lives in an apartment his father owns and he sells goods in markets. His job is very summer-job like and it has no prospects of career growth. He works 4 days in a week. Sometimes he's off for a whole month to sell stuff in a different area. His hobbies is playing computer games. He constantly complains about his job, but isn't able to find another one.

Now, my friend has a STEM degree. When he realized that she could make more money if she did more courses in university, he was mad at her that she "chose the easier way." She still makes more than he does. The worst part is that when she comes to his apartment, she cleans and irons his t-shirts. He doesn't go to gym or cook properly. They almost don't go for walks or to restaurants. When she's with him, they "play computer games, haha" and they have sex maybe once when she comes over for a week. She doesn't want to pressure him, because she believes that he will come around. And also because she "loves him." That's what she says and I'm furious about it.

I honestly think that he was using her getting a degree to live sort of frat-life till his 28 years. Now she is going to move to his apartment and I just see how useless he is and how much she loves him still and she plans a family with him. I'm so mad that she is enabling this man-child who should grow up and get a proper career. I was with a LVM like this once and it lasted only for a year because I couldn't stand coming home from school and see him sitting at his computer, screaming because his game was lagging (he's engaged now, that poor girl.)

I'm angry that pickmeishas are enabling this behaviour. I mean, my friend is making more than her LVM bf and she will still cook for him and clean for him. Is that normal? I don't even know what to do with her. I'm not sure she knows it's love since she's with him since 15. I'd like to see her the light, but it's probably not possible. What do you do with friends like this?