After 4 years together I told my boyfriend I needed a ring within a year or to let things go. His response was to message as many women as possible to hookup with, and blamed me for it by saying I was pressuring him and any man would do the same. I moved out, and got my own place and started spending more time with a friend who had recently filed for divorce.

This friend was happy I decided I wanted more for my life, but her new boyfriend wasn't. He started flying into town and popping up on her, he decided when he wanted to meet her kids even though she knew her kids weren't ready for that, and he kept track of her phone gps and would call her anytime she left her home or work. After he BLEW UP and screamed at her for 2 hours straight in front of me, I told her I was seeing red flags. She told me she agreed, but kept seeing him while telling me she wasn't.

We went to Vegas for New Years and she was so ready for her friends to see how much he's changed (only drinks beer now instead of liquor), and he ended up strangling her and got arrested. I thought this has to be the moment she is done, but she took his clothes home and washed them for him, accepted money when we got out of jail, and wont follow through on a restraining order or block him.

When I spoke up again about thinking it was a bad idea I was told I'm a bad friend and I can't control her life. And she's right. It didn't matter that I would send her links to posts here or youtube videos, this is what she thinks she deserves.

Long story short, you will lose friends as you upgrade yourself. She thought the friends saying she should give him another chance were better friends than the one saying get out. You have to surround yourself with other women who have high standards or they will drag you along with them to the bottom.