My sister is 19. She dates a lot but usually guys her own age and never for long because she's 19 and that's kind of normal. This dude is 25. Redflag. He's MY age. Why are you, a supposedly successful man with a job and such dating a 19 year old college student? Idk about others but I have nothing incommon with a 19 year old boy. He just came to pick her up and take her to his house to watch a football game. Redflag. 2nd date and your gonna be alone at his house? He's an ex-cop to top it all off. y'all idk but I'm just seeing so many red flags right now and I can't do anything excpet watch my sister go into the Lions den cause you know she isn't going to listen to me. How would y'all share FDS standards and such with someone young? How can I help lead her in the right direction away from these LVM who are obviously only after one thing from her? Thanks for any advice or reassurance friends 👍