Ugh, how much do I HATE this question. It happened to me again yesterday. I'm looking to buy a fixer-upper because I want a serious project. I found a house from 1840 that I fell for but needs serious work. Before I buy, I wanted a professional's opinion. A friend of mine put me in touch with a man who flips houses. I sent him a link to the property that I am interested in, and then met up with him. He showed me 3 properties that he is currently working on to flip or rent out. I asked what he thought about the property that I am interested in. He said he didn't look at it. He then proceeded to suggest I buy one of his. I listed off why I was not interested in his properties. A minute later he asked "why is someone like you single?"

Because I'd rather be alone than with an idiot man who won't listen to what I actually WANT and he thinks what he has is better!!!

God I'm so sick of these men!! I want them all to just f*ck the hell off!!!