We all got called picky, entitled or got told that our standards are too high. I remember there was a study that shown that women are more likely to swipe right on men with a Master's degree rather than men with Bachelor's degree and more likely to swipe right on a Bachelor's degree than a High school degree and that men swipe right on all (women with master's and women with bachelor's and high-school) regardless.

It does not mean we are more picky since statistically speaking (and it is obvious to everyone), most men and women don't look for the same thing in OLD. Men are more likely to want a hookup or something short-term and women are more likely to want a relationship when making a profile online. It doesn't mean there are no women that look for hookups and no men that look for a relationship, they exist but the numbers def speak for themselves and so does our personal experience as women.

Many women have different preferences for men and different standards when looking for a relationship but if we only looked for hookups on dating sites (like men do) then we would only look at the person's looks and make sure they can sexually satisfy us regardless of what degree they have.

When men look for a relationship they have more "preferences" looks-wise (and education too), sometimes it's weight preference or her height must be below 5'9 so he can feel 'manly' yet cries when women reject him for being 5'7 (and honestly, why men say 5'6-5'7 is average for men?! average where, in Bangladesh?! 5'9 is average for most western countries) and looks, must be an hourglass body shape/must have big ass or big boobs. And of course, must have a job so she can 'contribute' to the house's financial yet only she would take care of the kids and change their diapers since he would find it 'disgusting'. Very equal of them, am i right?!

And the pickmeisha couples who pay halves all the time, will you share your pregnancy too? he will carry the first 4.5 months and you will carry the rest? you will carry and he will give birth or what?

From reading comments (and talking to my girlfriends), most women want similar things - to be taken care of, to be shown and introduced to friends, family and on social media, to be taken seriously, commitment and taken out on nice respectful dates. Height and looks differ preferences differ from one woman to another and how weird that the second we dare to speak about our height preferences or looks preferences or the fact we want to be taken out on nice dates we get called shallow, making it unfair for ugly men (because we refuse to date them) and get called gold-diggers. Men want us to make an exception for their 3/10 selves yet hate when we make 'exceptions' for everyone and call us sluts. They want to be special, beat the nature and get to f*ck since we all know that in the nature, not all males get to f*ck and only those who bring the most shiny object (crows) or those who have the prettiest feathers or dances or strongest get to breed, not those who sit in the side and cry about females not giving them a chance. If you can't give us a nice dance or show us your colorful feathers then the least you could do is pay for our 30$ meal.

Ugly men want us to give them a chance, so many men cry about women f*cking chads while their crush is a 8-9/10 so obviously she would f*ck her looks-match and not his 2/10 ass. Men rate themselves higher than they truly are, so many men think they are 5-6/10 when truly they're 4.5 at best so they feel entilted to high 6-7s and don't give the time of the day to women who are their true looks-match. So many below average men refuse to date average and above-average women, it's insane. We all like good looking people but what makes men think that they're entitled to date and f*ck 9s? they don't want your broke ass, move on.