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Asian Male in US

October 4, 2019

Have some time and thinking of doing a month-long travel to somewhere in the US. I enjoy the challenge of being Asian and gaming, but would like to hear where being Asian could be more advantageous.

Currently hearing conflicting theories: 1) going to more diverse and liberal areas - naturally more Asians, girls are more open to interracial. (I.e. east/west coast) 2) going to more homogenous and conservative areas - rarity and exoticness.

Thoughts? Thank you for your time.

Edit - Also curious about European countries for asian men.

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[–]omarbradley420 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy Link

Asian male is one of the most persistant male in the planet due to their nomadic and non-conformist genes. So its better to roam in areas with high circulation like stations and well trodden routes.

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non-conformist genes

Lol, are you kidding me?

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